Give Me More
is a piece that exhausts the performer's arm muscles in order to bring about a particular musical and performative quality.
Give Me More
is the result of my long fascination for the physicality of musical performance.

Through a simple coupling of lifting a weight and striking a snare drum, the arm muscles become more and more exhausted. The piece continues in a loop until the performer cannot go on any further.
Beyond the formal relation to Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting in a Room" from 1969,
Give Me More
seeks to foreground the details of the player's own physicality. As the arms tire, it takes more and more effort to keep up with the metronomic accompaniment.

This is not only heard in the microvariations of time of the faltering drumstrokes, but also seen in the body of the performer.

My hope with this is not only to reveal the hidden work of musicking, but much more to create an intensive experience of the human body, which is normally placed behind the instrument.