ghost in the sheets
is an essayistic re-interpretation of the concept of "ghost" as it is applied to audiovisual composition.
the starting point for
ghost in the sheets
was the following:

the instruments are haunted houses, and it is we who haunt them

by which is meant that it is us humans who breathe life into inanimate matter for our monstrous creations.
For this audiovisual work, a "haunted house" of sorts is built onstage. The ensemble of instrumentalists plays in a large, white tent-like construction, over which a video is projected. The perceptual units of sound, light and image are meant to evoke a presence of absence: fades and flashes of white light, desert landscapes, billowing sandstorms... These are interpolated by references to ghosts and haunting.
The players eventually come out from behind the white sheets, wearing ghost costumes, brandishing handheld fans that spray mist. They mill about the space and engage with the public. A grotesque reflection of the music literally touches the audience.